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Behold! The Shirt

Hey, this shirt is so awesome I just had to show it off no less than 4 times.

Have you ever seen such a glorious shirt. I doubt it.

This particular design model, dear reader, is what we call a “T-Shirt“.

Behold!  The fabric drapes from the models body with a fluid swan-like elegance.

The stains on the front  simultaneously add sophistication, contrast and complexity.

The magnificent shade of red of this garment would shame the red rose, and notice how it illuminates the complexion of the model, highlighting her face despite the sub-par lighting of the rapidly setting  Sun. Shame on you, Sun.

Yes, dear readers..THIS is the hot new “Back To School” look for 2010.  The  “T-Shirt“.

Just remember you saw it here first.


No Doubt, Destined for Greatness

Saving the World

Here is my daughter at the Art Table at the recent festival.  Notice she is working with feathers. Clearly this is a sign she is destined to become a world-famous Zoologist. It’s very clear from this picture that she will most likely work with endangered bird species and single -handedly bring back the Dodo Bird and Unicorn.

Face Paint Explosion

One of our favorite days this past summer at the Art Festival.

One of our favorite days this past summer at the Art Festival.

I loved this day, and thought it would be fun to show off some of the festivities that took place. Hint: it involved face paint.

My Other Blog (Random Test Shots)

Bubble Shots.

Random Test shot

Random Test Shot

Ever since this new theme was introduced by WordPress, I have  been extremely eager to try it out. Unfortunately, I am really attached to my “Little Girl Friend” logo (featured on the banner of the Designer Denise blog), and I don’t think it worked well with this theme. I am not abandoning my “Designer Denise” Blog…far from it! But I always wanted a blog to showcase the photos with a flattering background.

These are  just test photos to see how they show up against the new background. I promise. Pay no attention to the repetition of the subject matter, as I know how boring it is. (Sorry Lenore!)

However, I take my camera everywhere and constantly finding fantastic shots on the beach, in our tiny garden, with our children (all three of them), and even in the meals Jon prepares. This blog has been created for those photos.  Thanks for taking a peek, and if you have already seen these photos, please accept my apologies as I settle in to the new blog.  All writing will be featured on the other blog (Monday through Friday as usual). This blog will be reserved for my random shots of our life.

Have a great day.

This is just a test photo of Lenore. More to follow as I go.